Everybody Collective

Mary Hall Everybody and Co

Hi!  I'm Mary and this is Everybody Collective.

Everybody collective started as Everybody & Co, just soy candles being hand poured in small batches.  I still make my signature candles but now I'm also supporting other small companies.  This is my main goal and I plan to expand the collection as I get to know more and more amazing and talented people.  

There are several items in the Makers section where you can find items that local artists around the US have poured themselves into.  

All Everybody Collective brand candles are  made of US grown, renewable soy beans.  My lines of candles are rich, earthy, and sensual.  These are fantastic fragrances for perfecting the tone of your home.


Some soy candle burning info:

When burning a soy candle make sure you keep lit until all the wax on top has been melted.  This will help your candle to burn evenly.  Try to burn for no more than about four hours at a time.  Before you light your candle, each time, make sure your wick is trimmed to a fourth inch.

Remember!  Candle light is very very flattering to the face and body.